Welcome beginning tatters! This website is packed with information about tatted lace. Hope you enjoy looking around the site.




Find out about my mission and why I learned to tat.



Articles related to tatting.



List of class offerings.


Craft Ideas

Antimacassars are out, so how do you use tatting in your life? Click on “Craft Ideas” to find lots of ways to use your tatting: quilting, card making, scrapbooking, embellishments, and more.





Free Book Excerpt

Get a free download of excerpts from How to Needle Tat: A Beginner’s Guide Book. This book
comes with more than 130+ illustrations.

Review from the International Organization of Lace, Inc.

This is an excellent book for the beginning needle tatter. There are no patterns per se, but
rather good illustrations and instructions of components/techniques to get a beginner started.
There is a good abbreviation chart and basic instructions that cover finishing, care, and
stiffening options.”



Find out about the mystery of tatting.



Find out about tatting events, tatting groups, and a list of tatting supply shops.


Free Tatting Patterns

These patterns are from various pattern writers.



Five different ways to finish your lace without using starch.

Learn how to make a picot gauge by recycling old spiral notebooks.

View videos

and more




A list of commonly used tatting vocabulary.

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