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Story of Lady Vee Gray

August 4, 2016 | Leave a comment

Vee photo


One late afternoon I took a walk to our high school. Just before entering the school area, there is a sloped road. At the top of the slope was a black silhouette against the setting sun. The ears were exaggerated on a small head. It looked like a young rabbit. Silently, I walked towards it to get a closer look.

It heard me approach, stood up, and four thin legs unfolded beneath her. It was a little kitten! She started weaving in and out of my legs. I had to pick her up. She was so light and small I thought she must be about three months old.

When I got home, I fed her. Then she fell asleep on my lap. I named her Lady Vee Gray (as it turns out she is a polite lady). The next day I took her to the vet. She weighed 2.75 pounds. The vet identified six-month old teeth. (Later, we realized she was actually seven months old at the time.) The vet said if I hadn’t found her, Vee would not have lived through the weekend.

Despite her tenuous start, at eight years old, she still enjoys being outside. She has left bugs and leaves on my doorstep. (No wonder she was starving.) But she spends every night inside the house.



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